All I want to do is merge my PDFs

Recently, I shared a post about optimizing image sizes. Now, I’d like to share another go-to web based tool for PDF management. Why would you need this? Once upon a time, I had Adobe Acrobat, it’s a fantastic PDF tool and has every option you can imagine, but it is also a paid service. I fell in love when I discovered ( smallpdf, which handles all of the basic needs I have for PDF management.

Most of the time, I simply need to reduce my file size so that my PDF can be sent easily in an email or loaded onto my website for download. No one wants to download a 20 MB file and in a day and age when more than 50% of our audience is on their mobile phone or tablet, large files are cumbersome.

Other times, I need to customize a PDF for a specific person and so I am putting two PDF documents together or taking unnecessary pages out. Using SmallPDF’s split PDF and merge PDF features I can easily customize files as needed and on the fly.

There are a few other features that allow for file conversions, though I seldom use those tools. The three listed give me almost everything I need for PDF management. Oh and did I mention the service is free and super intuitive with its drag and drop interface? It is a great tool for nonprofits to bookmark, especially when they start sending out digital quarterly reports.