Using Trello For Nonprofits

A Trello board with a SEO checklist for nonprofits.

Trello is a digital bulletin board for tasks, lists and reminders for business or personal uses . Trello is free, available on web or mobile devices and is one of my favorites to recommend to nonprofits because it is flexible and easy to use.

Trello for almost anything you can imagine.

Here are a few examples of how organizations have used Trello:
  1. Tracking project tasks.
  2. Displaying weekly curriculum notes.
  3. Idea/Brainstorming board.
  4. Collaborative to do lists.
  5. Donation or Wish lists.
  6. Discussing proposals and contracts.
  7. Creating a product road map.
  8. Training.
  9. Frequently Asked Questions.
  10. Grant writing collaboration.
  11. Assigning Programs and Projects.
  12. Project and resource planning.
  13. Content Management and Editorial Calendars.
  14. Feature request lists.
  15. Customer support board.
  16. Language translations.
  17. Email management.

Features to extend your use of Trello.

It’s flexibility allows you to use Trello for anything you wish, but the features on individual cards add even more functionality. Each card can be dedicated to a task, and on that card you can:

  • set due dates,
  • create multiple checklists,
  • add images,
  • include a detailed description,
  • classify and label the task,
  • assign team members,
  • collaborate via comments,
  • and add attachments from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.

So easy to use that users just get it.

You can view your Trello cards in the calendar view. This is especially helpful when using the tool to organize your editorial calendar. Also, when voting capabilities are activated, users can vote on cards. This is helpful for idea boards and feature requests. You can choose to receive notifications for a variety of actions and you can also notify other users of a specific discussion by using @username.

Much like Pinterest boards, Trello cards can be displayed visually when adding images to the cards. You can also use colored labels and stickers as indicators.

Finally, users can easily click and drag a card into new categories and columns, which makes Trello one of the most intuitive group and task management tools on the web.

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