Prevent Slow Page Loads

I have a WordPress site and when I write new blog posts or create new pages I always include at least one image. It’s part of my process and it is one of the better known best practices because after all, a picture says a thousand words. People connect emotionally with images and I  sometimes spend as much time searching for the right image as I do writing the content.

A lesser known fact is that large images can also drastically slow down the load times for your pages – so much so that some people may leave your site before it fully loads. What is the use of uploading images if they are never viewed because they load too slowly?

My team introduced me to TinyPNG ( and I want to share it with everyone who has experienced a similar dilemma with large images. TinyPNG is a web based, free resource that allows you to shrink .png or .jpg image files. The result? A file size reduced by as much as 70% so that your pages load much faster ensuring your new stories are seen and read.

Another culprit for a bloated website are large PDF files. There’s a remedy for that as well and it’s a free, incredibly helpful tool. Smallpdf has a lot of pdf tools, but the compressor ( helps reduce your file size and makes your page and your file load faster.

These are go to tools for our team and we hope they help you as well.