Tips & Tricks

Using Trello For Nonprofits

A Trello board with a SEO checklist for nonprofits.

Trello is a digital bulletin board for tasks, lists and reminders for business or personal uses . Trello is free, available on web or mobile devices and is one of my favorites to recommend to nonprofits because it is flexible and easy to use. Trello for almost anything you can imagine. Here are a few examples of how…

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All I want to do is merge my PDFs

Recently, I shared a post about optimizing image sizes. Now, I’d like to share another go-to web based tool for PDF management. Why would you need this? Once upon a time, I had Adobe Acrobat, it’s a fantastic PDF tool and has every option you can imagine, but it is also a paid service. I…

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Prevent Slow Page Loads

I have a WordPress site and when I write new blog posts or create new pages I always include at least one image. It’s part of my process and it is one of the better known best practices because after all, a picture says a thousand words. People connect emotionally with images and I  sometimes…

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Communicating in the virtual office

A Macbook sits on a kitchen table making for an impromptu virtual office.

New nonprofits more than any other organization are cognizant of overhead expenses. So the rise of the virtual office certainly has its appeal. Are you able to offer your programs and services successfully without a physical space? More importantly, how would team members communicate if you’re not located in the same building? Many new nonprofits…

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Are you a list making power user?

Most nonprofits probably do not identify themselves as list making power users, but perhaps they should. After all, you’ve got a list of volunteers, a list of donors, a wish list for things people can donate, a list of programs and services, a list of steps for training new team members, perhaps a list of campaigns…

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Consolidating tools puts us all on the same page

We’re all so busy. That’s the common denominator amongst almost everyone I know in the nonprofit and social enterprise sector. We are all so passionate about what we do and we are pouring our hearts and souls and every ounce of time into realizing our mission. I am in the same boat and I can’t…

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