Joining Forces for Good

Passion Led Us Here painted onto a sidewalk.

The End of the PurposeWP Brand I’m super excited to announce that my wife, Sheryle Gillihan, and I have acquired CauseLabs, a Public Benefit Corporation, and will be folding all of PurposeWP’s products and services into the CauseLabs brand. Getting Here I began freelancing in 2009 and have always looked for ways to join forces with my…

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Join us for the 2016 NTEN Community Challenge

An illustration of various doodles related to donating to charity.

We’re excited to announce that PurposeWP is closer than ever to launch! As part of our pre-launch, PurposeWP is joining forces with the NTEN Community Champions to raise funding towards a $25,000 goal. All proceeds from this campaign go directly to supporting their initiatives to: Bring in new members that may not be able to…

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