Join us for the 2016 NTEN Community Challenge

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We’re excited to announce that PurposeWP is closer than ever to launch!

As part of our pre-launch, PurposeWP is joining forces with the NTEN Community Champions to raise funding towards a $25,000 goal. All proceeds from this campaign go directly to supporting their initiatives to:

  • Bring in new members that may not be able to cover the cost of NTEN Membership
  • Ensure a diverse range of organizations can attend the NTC through scholarships
  • Support our worldwide Tech Clubs with more materials to enhance their experience
  • Develop new programs and resources for NTEN’s growing community

Why are we fundraising for NTEN? We believe, as they do, that technology can revolutionize social change.


Donate with PurposeWP!



Our commitment to the non-profit community fuels our passion. Your donation shows your support for social change and we want to honor your generosity with a donation of our services upon our launch. For every $300 raised for NTEN through our community champions page, we’ll donate six months of PurposeWP Premium, an all-inclusive managed WordPress platform, to a qualifying non-profit (up to five.)

If you have a non-profit organization in mind for this donation, please connect us and we will add them to our list of potential beneficiaries. You are not required to donate in increments of $300, however, those who do may select the benefiting non-profit. Every little bit helps and we are grateful for all contributions to this cause!

Please donate today to help NTEN build a smarter, stronger network of non-profit professionals that do more with less by leveraging technology to support their work. To donate directly through NTEN’s website, visit

To help extend free PurposeWP services to five non-profits, donate to NTEN through our PurposeWP Community Champion’s page.


Non-profit Technology Enterprise Network empowers and equips over 70,000 individuals in the NTEN community each year with the networking and technology resources they need to effectively carry out their work.

“But we know even more social-impact organizations need support in using technology.” writes the Non-profit Technology Enterprise Network. “The list of tech tools and tactics is constantly growing and can be overwhelming. So each year we work with our community—our Champions—to raise money that will ensure that nonprofits can access the resources, events, and community they need to make smart choices in technology.”

A good community is hard to find, and that’s what makes NTEN truly special — the community’s commitment to helping each other do the best work they can to change the world.